Develop and sponsor the ANNUAL LAKOTA CHILDREN’S SUMMER ART CAMP which seeks to reknit the elements of Togo Shula, “Creator God”, back into diverse peoples lives for intercultural teaching and learning. Here, a co-creative plan of action between Warrior’s of the Lakota (Native perspectives on history, traditional concepts and future plans) and Warriors of the Lakota Friends - WOLF (A Non-Native partnership supporting and empowering Lakota Indians) will be used for building common humanality between all people.

By using practical experiences, “social capital”, and many of the natural resources that are available on the reservation, (i.e. kinship affiliations, prairie landscapes, sacred sites, flora & fona, artifacts, songs, dance, things that fly, swim, crawl and walk, among others) much can be done to enhance and strengthen willing peoples daily lives. Our ANNUAL LAKOTA CHILDREN’S SUMMER ART CAMP provides all Lakota children with healthy meals, fun and games, art projects, physical activities, culturally responsive experiences and Enhanced Indian Education (E.I.E.), all of which will last a lifetime.