Born To Be A Warrior ... Manhood,
a Sacred way that weaves the people together.

For as long as man has walked on the face of the earth, a sense of community stability, within any time or any Nation, has always been largely linked to the willingness and ability of it's male population to come together in selfless behavior for a common good.

It would be entirely wrong to think that the Sioux Nation is any different. For a powerful and vibrant Lakota tribe is one that is centrally built upon, and developed around, the strength of it's male population – it's HUSBANDS, FATHERS, UNCLES and GRANDFATHERS, a mentoring force of imperishable hope for all family kinships (tiospaye). This was a time when willing men bonded together in a brotherhood of solidarity for the purpose of leading, contributing, challenging and protecting their families and their neighborhoods.

The personal growth and collaborative experiences that Indian society systems once offered, and can still provide, is a better way of life for men and boys to develop an awareness and appreciation of their role in society. This is the force that builds and strengthens new generations. And these are the generations that stimulate the "ebb-and-flow" between each man, woman and child of this Indian Nation. In sociocultural terms, these healthy ways need to be re-affiliated in a more successful manner throughout contemporary Lakota neighborhoods.


Matt and Nellie Two Bulls
Matt and Nellie Two Bulls spent time with Connolly at the Red Cloud Indian School to teach him about the values of ceremony and tradition in daily Indian life.

Norman and Jessie Jannis
Norman was a leader among his people and a warrior of World War II who told many stories to Connolly about the need for the inspiration of leadership from fathers in the household.