Native Perspectives on History, Traditional Concepts and Future Plans

Here we provide all of the under-served Lakota Indians with a first of its kind - broad and unrestricted opportunity to have their voices heard. You will find an equally enfranchising compilation of American Indian messages/teachings which bring into clear focus astounding tribal histories, oral accounts of kin network systems of governing which meets the needs of all people, plains Indian community assessment, Lakota ideas on child socialization/education, and historic techniques for restoring community driven social change efforts. These pre-reservation Lakota concepts offer conditions and long range plans that are sure to bring improved living conditions to all Lakota Indians and others.

This also offers critical archetypal insight on why and how every man, woman and child of modern society should pause for a moment to reconsider how best to live with one another by going back to the original instructions. By retracing our ways back to experiencing the coming together of humanity through vital aspects of order, and the pairing of all things as revealed to us through the hoop of the cosmos, all nations regardless of their diversities will be able to recapture the essence and fullness of life. We are creating a central space where a four way conversation, between humans of red, black, yellow and white, are working to build the tools for an authentic return journey for all of humanity.

More to come.