Non-Native Support Empowering Lakota Indians & Saving Civilization

The Power of Identity

Warriors Of the Lakota Friends or “WOLF” was derived from the Lakota belief that a guardian spirit or helping entity enriched and supported the life of an Indian boy or girl as they grew into adulthood. In much the same way, WOLF or Warriors Of the Lakota Friends is an outreach support experience consisting of non-indigenous people who are dedicated individuals investing time, talents, and financial support to the Lakota cause. Just as a wolf in the wild is seen as a protector, the WOLF connection, guides you, all of mankind, when you feel lost and unsure of where to go. This WOLF support system will work toward leading you to confidence, insight, and well-being. As a wolf walks side by side with his pack to provide protection and security, the WOLF movement will walk along side of you to assist you in achieving your greatest destiny; knowing and embracing the skills and abilities that define you . . . this is the power of identity, which exemplifies strength.
So let it be.

More to come.