The Pine Ridge Reservation

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation was established in southwestern South Dakota in 1878. Just north of Nebraska and near the Black Hills of South Dakota, this northern plains Indian reservation is made up of two million acres and is the second largest reservation in the country.

Today there are close to 38,000 residents of which 18,000 are enrolled members of the Ogala Sioux Tribe. This tribal land base is 100 sq. miles containing the counties: Jackson, Fall River, Custer, Bennett and Shannon. The agency headquarters is located in the town of Pine Ridge with adjacent communities of: Sharps Corner, Kyle, Potato Creek, Wamblee, Long Valley, Manderson, Ogala, Red Shirt Table, Porcupine, Wounded Knee and Denby.

Voting districts for these areas are: Pine Ridge, Wakpamni, Whiteclay, Porcupine, Medicine Root, Wamblee, Pass Creek, LaCreek and Wounded Knee.

Other small areas are: Red Cloud, Loneman, Wolf Creek and Rockyford.

Map of the Land