The Journey will be just as rewarding as the destination.

Today a reformed marriage between Warrior Societies and the community will again become the indigenized vehicle for passing traditional wisdom, stories, and histories on from one generation to the next.

It is the way for everyone to walk in the footsteps of the ancestors, it is the way for everyone to strengthen family ties and it is the all powerful and sacred way to the future.

We are in the business of building; building a wide range of vital projects ... building better communities ... building stronger social environments ... building better education, but most important of all – building human happiness!

Warriors of the Lakota is a starting point for putting place and purpose back into Native men's lives ... and a mentoring, development organization for teaching today's neighborhood children how to become tomorrows Indian leaders.

Warrior Societies; bridging the Indian to the family, the family to the community, and the community to the Nation ... the great Sioux Nation!


Frank Fools Crow and Mrs. Fools Crow
Fools Crow served as a great source of inspiration to Connolly by passing along traditional wisdom that he felt was necessary for safeguarding the future of a successful and vibrant Sioux Nation. Much of the spiritual insight that is buried within Warriors of the Lakota comes from Fools Crow.