The future of the Lakota lies in the strength of their past.

If there is one most important part of this culture that once spurred all Lakota neighborhoods to success, and could again do the same; it's the simple fact that their history reveals a shared vision and societal construct, in an epic hero's journey. This is what used to bind these Native families together into a community of personal control and self-determination and may again do the same.

For if tribal cohesion and strong family kinships are ever to flourish again within this high plains Indian region, it will only come to pass when cultural heritage is once again used as a common denominator within all walks of life. It is is the history of, and too the Great Sioux Nation that explicitly gives the individual, the family, and the community it's depth. And it is the reinforcing ceremony of Warrior Societies with their rituals, traditions and core-value teachings that use history to largely reach out with hope and inspiration. Here is the deeper structure of Dakotah life. Since this enriching way provides an underground flow of folk-ways and feelings that breathes a conscious awareness toward more effective performance within social, emotional, physical, and professional patterns of daily life.

A Nation that is once again connected to a legacy, with everyone having a sense of belonging is a Nation that has little doubt as to where they've been and where they're going.


Zona Fills The Pipe
Zona Fills The Pipe helped to bring a balance to Connolly's teachings by guiding his ability to know of and understand the sacred ways of Lakota women. Fills The Pipe saw to it that Connolly spent time with Lakota holy men.