Warriors of the Lakota seeks to reknit the elements of a guiding spirit back into diverse peoples lives for the purpose of developing an artistic tapestry of intercultural teaching and learning. These recalled experiences for restoring and rebuilding broader civic-minded neighborhoods can again offer all of mankind with far-reaching streams of resocialization activities at their best.

Isaac and Zona Whiteface

boys hugging

Isaac and Zona Whiteface,
Respected Pine Ridge Elders, explain:

“Within this website you will learn how an Annual Lakota Children’s Summer Art Camp is making a difference in the lives of South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation Indians, and for those Non-Indians who partner together with us for building a solidarity of spirit.”

Through the efforts of:

Strengthening the spiritual identity of all Lakota children through affirmation of Love, Trust, Inspiration and Improved Quality of ENHANCED INDIAN EDUCATION.

Unifying Lakota Indian families in thier quest for a renewed sensitivity of identity based on One Holistic Vision, One Interactive Voice and One Living Spirit.

Rebuilding and leveraging positive social, political, cultural and economic prosperity for all Lakota communities and beyond.

Teaching Non-Indian people how to effectively change their ways of thinking in order to survive the future.

We encourage you to please take time to read on to learn how you can join, or personally support this fulfilling parallel learning experience. We can assure you, ... the journey will be just as rewarding as the destination!